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Human Resource Management

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Karakter A-F
Language of instruction - English
Master i innovasjon
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In many organisations today, humans are the most important resource and asset. The aim of this topic is to provide a critical overview and evaluation of the topic “Human Resource Management” (abbreviated as HRM). This topic will be evidence based, consisting of the newest available knowledge, and we will go into depth on certain selected topics. In this way student will be able to understand strategic connections between HRM and other fields in the organization, together with an overview of relevant questions, both from practical cases as well as international leading HRM-research. Students will gain an insight in how HRM is part of more general leadership tasks and general strategy in an organisation, and how HRM is interrelated to other parts of the organization.

This course will focus on strategic aspects, the organization of HRM within an organization, correspondence between theory and central practical fields, as well as relevant questions within this topic area. This topic has three main parts:

  1. Strategic personell management
  2. HRM, change and innovation
  3. Implementation of HRM

The first main topic is strategic personell management. This part is concerned with HRM from an overall organisational, analytical and theoretical perspective. Further, historical development and central theories and perspectives are discussed. This course also looks at strategic personell management as a tool for organisational effectiveness. Elements of different HR-practices are described, as well as different approaches to HR-organisations such as HR-transformations and the division of work between HR and line managers. Contextual factors such as HR in small and medium sized companies, public vs private HRM and international HRM will also be analysed.

The second main topic is the relationship between HRM, change and innovation. There will be focus on changes within the HR-function, and how HR can contribute to changes and innovations in the organization. Topics such as HR-transformation, the role of HR in change and innovation processes and the importance of ICT for HRM (also called EHRM) will be central topics.
The third main topic is implementation. Students will gain knowledge on the role of line managers in HRM.
Teaching will be based on practical examples from different industries, both private and public.
Another goal for this topic is to give students ideas for relevant research topics for their final Master Thesis.

  • Learning goals

    By finishing this topic students gain the following knowledge:

    They are able to explain what is meant by HRM, and they will know central theories within this field.

    They will have a depth understanding, and are able to see links between HRM and the overall goals of the organisation; HRM, change and innovation and how HRM can be implemented through line managers

    General competence
    Students are able to evaluate the quality and the relevance of scientific work and/or the relevance of scientific work within the area of HRM, and evaluate these in a critical way.


Undervisnings- og læringsmetode

Education and learning methods

Education will take place through traditional lectures where professional topics are presented and discussed. A large part of learning will also take place through student driven activities such as group based work, individual work, presentation of papers and articles from the reading list, together with task assignments, both individually and in groups.

NB: Emnet undervises på engelsk hvis utenlandske studenter på emnet



No specific pre-qualifications are required, but general knowledge on organisations theory and leadership is an advantage.

Emne er valgbart for
Master i innovasjo og master i Public administration.


Work requirements

Students should write two written articles (papers) during the course, where one is produced through group-work.


Final exam

Final exam is a school exam lasting for four hours.

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