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Practical placements and internships

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Ricardo Lugo
ÅR/BA Psykologi
Telefon: 612 88000

Students undertake a significant experiential learning opportunity, typically with a company, non-profit, governmental, or community-based organizations.  The internship represents an educational strategy that links classroom learning and student interest with the acquisition of knowledge in an applied work setting.  Through direct observation, reflection and evaluation, students gain an understanding of the internship site’s work, mission, and audience, how these potentially relate to their academic study, as well as the organization’s position in the broader industry or field.  Students will produce a critical reflection on their internship experience demonstrating how they have addressed specific learning goals. Students are responsible for securing their own internships, but staff can offer positions through research projects or networks, if available.  Students will participate in an internship for at least eight weeks or no less than 150 hours of supervised work.  The course serves as a supplemental internship option for undergraduates and is not part of the undergraduate degree. For students entering today’s competitive job market directly after earning their undergraduate degree, internships are practically a must and are necessary for career applications.  Internships and placements can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Public or Private Organizations including volunteer organisations
  • Higher education settings, Schools and Kindergartens
  • Teams, clubs, or other leisure activity groups
  • Research projects or network groups

Students can also apply for Erasmus+ stipends if the internship is taken outside Norway. Students need to contact the international office at LUC for more information about Erasmus+ agreements. 


The course will provide:

  • basic familiarity with and knowledge about:
    • psychological theory in applied aspects under supervision
    • ethical implications of psychological work
  • basic skills in:
  • critical and ethical reflection of psychological aspects in an applied setting
  • applied aspects of psychological work that caninclude:
    • administration and reporting of assessment
    • techniques in counselling, supervision, and leadership
    • team/group processes and functioning in applied settings
    • organizational processes
    • research participation

Undervisnings- og læringsmetode

Students will participate in:

  • observation and participation in placement environments
  • internship presentation
  • advising and guidance provided by LUC staff and internship/placement supervisors


Students must be at least in their 2nd year of study and have passed all classes in the first year of study.

NB: Det legges opp til at studenten og internveileder har en samtale om praksisprosjektet, før en ev. får adgang til emnet.

Emne er valgbart for
Open only to students in the 2nd or 3rd of the bachelor programs in psychology at LUC.

Students are required to be at least in their second year of study. Students will have to orally present their internship learning outcomes to staff and students. The placement must be at least 8 weeks in duration or at least 150 hours of internship placement and students will have to document active participation. An internship/practical placement agreement stating learning outcomes and supervision responsibilities between LUC and the external partner must be submitted before initiation of the placement. Students participating in the Erasmus+ exchange will satisfy the placement agreement with their Erasmus+ contract but will still need to document the oral presentation requirement.


Three (3) reports need to be submitted:

1.    Student reflection report

2.     Internship evaluation from internship supervisor

3.     Staff approval report

Upon submission of the three approved reports, the student will be given credit for the internship/practical placement.

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