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Internasjonalt samarbeid - International Collaboration

The Norwegian Film School was founded in 1997 as “an art school of the highest standard in the field of film and television” on a par with international schools, and is an autonomous faculty within Lillehammer University College.  Its mandate from the government is to identify, nurture, and develop the talent of budding filmmakers and prepare them to work effectively in the national and international film industries, while at the same time bringing new inspiration and vigour to the industry.

From the very beginning, NFS established partnerships with the other Nordic film schools and the international association of film and television schools, CILECT. The Nordic region in CILECT, NORDICIL, brings Nordic students and teachers together 3 to 4 times a year to have high profile seminars, to exchange “best practice” and to create a network for both students and teachers. In recent years the exchange of artistic research in film education has developed at the initiative of NFS. In GEECT - the European branch of CILECT - activities concentrate on teaching and learning practices in specific disciplines. NFS is planning to host a GEECT-seminar in 2017 on educating film teachers (se below). This initiative is a follow-up on the NFS-publication “Training the trainers” (2005, by Richard Ross) that was the first published coherent material within CILECT on how to teach film students in all the different disciplines. In addition to network-based activities, NFS has over the years developed bilateral collaborations, including one with the Danish Film School in Copenhagen and with FAMU, the national film school of the Czech republic through teacher exchanges and shared workshops in producing, screenwriting and cinematography.

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