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Bachelor of Law

The bachelor’s degree in law is a three-year educational programme in legal subjects. The programme’s objective is to provide knowledge about key areas of the legal system.

Students will be given training in asking and analysing practical and theoretical questions of law on the basis of established legal methodology. Students will also learn how to find sources of law and reasoning which can be of importance when finding answers to legal questions.

Through the programme students will develop their ability to interact with others in a professional capacity, to master legal thinking and to communicate professional insights.

Study abroad period

There is no study abroad period.


With the completion of the bachelor’s degree in law, graduates will have reached a level of knowledge and skills that satisfies the requirements set in public and private sector enterprises for carrying out tasks that demand the ability to understand and apply regulations in specific areas. This includes knowledge of key areas of Norwegian law and selected areas of international law, as well as the ability to acquire further legal skills.

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