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Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

The Lillehammer area is one of Norway’s most well-known travel destinations. The candidates from LUC’s tourism programmes have for many years helped influencing the tourism industry, a growing industry with room for new talents.

Through the programme, the students will acquire extensive knowledge of tourism as an industry, and they will have a course combination which may also develop them into good leaders. We also have good contact with the industry so that the students can form a network already while studying. This is useful when applying for jobs.

Study plan
The first two years include a broad introduction to subjects that form a necessary basis. In the 3rd year, the students choose specialisation with focus on development and management competence. There are two specialisation options:

  • Innovation and management of tourism businesses
  • Development and management of travel destinations

International orientation
All the courses are internationally orientated. This means that the students will get an education which also qualifies them for work abroad.

Study period abroad
A study period abroad is recommended in the 4th semester – spring 2010.

Further education The programme is an independent education, but it also provides opportunities for further Master’s degree studies in Norway and abroad. At LillehammerUniversityCollege, the Bachelor’s degree programme in Tourism will qualify for a planned Master’s degree in innovation and business development.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Tourism is suitable for those who wish to work within tourism, either by developing tourist attractions or in tourism businesses.

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