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Master of Pedagogics

The master’s degree programme in pedagogics gives students an independent and scientifically based understanding of the theoretical and practical courses that are included.

The programme provides an insight into scientific thinking and educational research.

Students have the opportunity to specialise in different subjects and research areas. This may involve courses of a theoretical nature within educational philosophy and the history of ideas, or courses linked to areas such as school research, didactics and technology, and children’s and adolescents’ upbringing and socialisation.

Problem-oriented assignments
During the programme, students work on problem-oriented assignments as coursework. Each course concludes with an examination.

Master thesis
The master thesis has a work load of 60 ECTS credits that equals one year of full time study. The entire Master programme has a workload of 120 ECTS and a duration of two years.

Students will develop the methodological and theoretical skills needed to identify, read, analyze, and discuss primary and secondary sources within the social sciences, with special emphasis on Pedagogics.

In addition to specialized competence within their field, the students will also develop more broadly recognized skills, such as how to formulate academic research question, find relevant material for a research project, to critically relate to and analyse sources, to process substantial quantities of information through scientific methods and to present their findings and engage in dialogue with others about them.

The programme provides an excellent foundation for conducting creative development activities in public or private organisations or in other learning-related contexts. The programme also acts as a basis for further research in the subject.

Contact information:

Study Leader: Associate professor Rune Hausstätter

Telefon: 612 88 102

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