Artistic Research

The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, was established in 2003 to develop an arts education alternative comparable to scientific doctorate programmes. It currently comprises about 40 active Research Fellows at various institutions, including the Norwegian Film School at the Lillehammer University College.

 Research Fellows at the Norwegian Film School


The Norwegian Film School (NFS) is affiliated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. By now three arts Research Fellows have graduated:



The production of artistic works

The teaching staff at the Norwegian Film School are all active filmmakers recruited from the Norwegian and international film industries. This means that most of them will continue their professional and artistic careers throughout their tenure at NFS. Since the Film School was established in 1997, its teachers have undertaken a number of individual artistic research projects and filled key creative positions in a number of film and TV productions.


Teaching and education-related activities

The Norwegian Film School's teaching staff are active as guest speakers, lecturers, writers, supervisors, external examiners and committee members in an arts education and pedagogical context both in Norway and abroad.


Networking to further develop expertise

As active operators in a professional environment outside the school, it is natural that the teaching staff will participate in various professional and organisational networks. This entails serving on the boards of private companies as well as public organisations and arts-political associations. In an international context Dean Thomas Stenderup is active in central pedagogical networks like NORDICIL, GEECT and CILECT.


This work is important to the teaching staff, in order to keep up-to-date with artistic and technological developments within their fields and further develop their expertise. In addition, it strengthens the school's position and access to resources.


Participation in public discourse

The Norwegian Film School regards contributing to the development of the film industry as a whole and participation in the public discourse around filmmaking as an important task. Several members of the teaching staff are consequently active writers and operators in the public discourse, in addition to their activities as critics in professional journals.


Pedagogical research and development

The Norwegian Film School has a long tradition of developing pedagogic techniques for filmmakers, and in 2005 published Professor Richard "Dick" Ross’s project "Training the Trainers" with the support of CILECT. The project consists of a series of writings in ten booklets, as well as a DVD with an extensive and unique collection of examples.


The series is based on interviews with and documentation of the pedagogical work of a number of international filmmakers. It is meant as a reference work for professionals and experienced film people who want to contribute to the education of their disciplines.


With the adoption of the European Quality Assurance Frameworks in Norway, NFS started an extensive overhaul of study plans in 2009-10 with the goal of adapting the Film School's education to the new degree structure (the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees).


The work on the new model has resulted in an extensive revision and the continual updating of the respective study programme's disciplinary focus.



Building on the tradition for pedagogical development, in 2014, NFS launched an initiative to develop a Nordic pedagogy course for filmmakers working at Film Schools. This led to the development of the course ”The Artist as (Film School) Teacher” in 2016.

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