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Bachelor of Documentary Film Production


The aim is to give the students the opportunity of developing basic skills in television production, both within the documentary genre and multi-camera production. In other words, they should learn how to use motion pictures to tell stories and be able to develop the story so that it becomes good television. The programme has special emphasis on narrator techniques, but also includes basic knowledge of camera use, sound design and editing.

The programme consists of the following 8 subject areas: recording techniques for single-camera production, editing, narrative techniques and dramaturgy, documentary and television history, multi-camera production, production planning, sound, video and television techniques.

Study plan
The three-year bachelor’s programme in documentary film production educates documentary film directors, photographers and sound technicians.
The programme strongly emphasises visual and well-conceived narratives.

The number of students is low so as to be able to offer individual guidance from some of the best qualified teachers in the field of documentary direction, photography, sound and editing. The aim of such guidance is to encourage students to develop their own individual voice on a professional basis.

Students undertake several productions during the programme, most of which are in cooperation with bachelor degree students in production and project management. In conjunction with relevant theory this gives students wide-ranging competence in all aspects of documentary film production.

NB! Special application procedure
The applicants must send (in 4 copies) CV, passport photos and an essay directly to Lillehammer University College plus an application to the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS - Samordna opptak). An interview is a part of the admission procedure, and ordinary admission points are therefore not calculated (read more about admission under “Full programme”).

Study period abroad
A study period abroad is not recommended.

Further education
The Bachelor’s degree programme in Television Direction qualifies for further studies on the Master’s degree level. The university college has prepared a plan for a Master’s degree programme in Television Production, and has applied for approval of the programme with an aim to start in the autumn of 2012.

The bachelor program educates Documentary Film Directors, Photographers and Sound Engineers.

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