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Bachelor of Organisation and Management

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Organisation and Management is one of the most exciting and innovative programmes in this field in Norway. The programme combines broad competence in personnel management with innovation and contractor operations.

The programme is both theoretic and practical
The students get practice through the student trainee arrangement which is part of the third academic year. Here, they will get the opportunity of being placed in businesses, voluntary organisations or public management, and get practice in "the real life" before they are introduced to the working life. They may also start their own student business.


Multidisciplinary approach
The programme provides the students with a broad and thorough introduction to central disciplines related to the work with management, organisation and personnel issues in the modern working life. The programme combines insight into both social science, sociology, political science, psychology, law and some economy. Through this multidisciplinary approach, the students should acquire knowledge, analytical skills that prepare them for the work life.

Study period abroad
The university college will arrange for a study abroad periode in the 5th semester.


Study programme
The study programme is a three-year full-time programme. The 1st to the 4th semester consist of eight compulsory courses, each of 15 credits. The 5th semester consists of optional courses which the students take at Lillehammer University College or other places of study in Norway or abroad. In the 6th semester, a work placement period is planned, where the students will be placed in a business. In addition, the students will write a Bachelor’s thesis within organisation and management which should be based on the use of social-scientific method.

The study programme provide the students with knowledge and analytical skills in the field of Organisation and Management
that prepare them for working with management, development and strategy in public, private and voluntary organisations

Further education
The programme is an independent education, but it also provides opportunities for further Master’s degree studies in Norway and abroad.

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