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One-year study programme in Cultural Project Management

Through the cultural project management programme, students take part in the development and implementation of practical projects that challenge their creativity and organisational skills.


The programme provides an insight into:

  • project management and organisational theory with special emphasis on the organisation of the cultural sphere;
  • marketing and marketing theory with special emphasis on the range of cultural activities and target groups;
  • cultural policies and cultural theory;
  • and practical project work in close collaboration with actors in cultural and social circles in the local community.

Further education: The one-year programme corresponds to the first academic year of the Bachelor’s degree programme in cultural project management. If students want to continue when the one-year programme is completed, they may apply for admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme. The programme can also be combined with other programmes and be included in a Bachelor’s degree.

Study period abroad: Not possible in one-year programmes.

Sist oppdatert: Gunnar Furseth Klinge 24.11.2011

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