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One-year study programme in Film and Television Science

The study programme provides a basic theoretical insight into film and television science and an understanding of moving images and audiovisual expression. The student’s analytical abilities are developed through the programme’s focus on film and television analysis in which a range of theoretical approaches are presented and employed in the analysis of films and television programmes. At the same time students acquire basic knowledge of the importance of film and television media in contemporary times.


Further education:The one-year programme corresponds to the 1st academic year of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Film and Television, and the students have the option of applying directly for admission to the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s degree programme. The programme does not give students prior admission rights to the practical film and television programmes, but could be useful for those who are not admitted to these programmes and who would like to acquire more competence before making another application.

When the one-year programme is completed, the students may apply for admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Television Direction or Television Technique (Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS - Samordna opptak).

The programme may also be included in a tailored Bachelor’s degree in combination with for instance art history, drama, literary science, media pedagogy or social sciences.

Study period abroad : Not possible in one-year programmes.

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