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One-year study programme in Psychology

Psychology relates to understanding humans and human activity. The programme provides basic knowledge about psychology and a general introduction to core areas in psychology such as cognitive, biological, developmental, social and personality psychology in addition to a number of other applied areas.

The one-year programme is aimed at those who wish to acquire an understanding of psychology as field and science, hereunder different theoretic, methodological and professional perspectives.


Further education: The programme is approved as entrance requirement for the vocational studies in psychology at the universities . The National Council for Psychology Education has in this connection stated: ”After completing a positive evaluation of the one-year programme, the council has concluded that the educational offer at Lillehammer University College (LUC) corresponds to the academic content and quality of the one-year programme in psychology at the universities.”

The one-year programme corresponds to the first academic year of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Psychology. If students want to continue when the one-year programme is completed, they may apply for admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme. The programme can also be combined with other programmes and be included in a Bachelor’s degree.

Study period abroad : Not possible in one-year programmes.

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