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Please note that all one-year-, bachelor- and master programmes (except Master of Fine Arts in filmmaking and Special Education: Practical Skills Transformative Learning) are taught in Norwegian.

The Master of Special Education: Practical Skills Transformative Learning is open for application from 1 November 2015 for the course startup Autumn 2016.


For an overview of courses in english please follow the link below:

Courses taught in English at Lillehammer University College

Lecture at Lillehammer University College in 2011


English taught master programmes

Please note that all one-year-, bachelor- and master programmes (except Master of Fine Arts in filmmaking and Special Education: Practical Skills Transformative Learning) are taught in Norwegian.


Courses taught in English


Norwegian taught Programmes

One year study programmes

The academic year normally runs from mid-August to mid-June and lasts for 10 months. Courses are measured in “studiepoeng” according to the European Credit Transfer System standard (ECTS credits). The full-time workload for one academic year is 60 "studiepoeng"/ECTS credits.

Bachelor programmes

The Bachelor's degree is awarded by all state universities, specialized university institutions, university colleges and a good number of other higher education institutions, both private and public. The nominal length of studies to obtain this degree is three years of study (180 "studiepoeng"/ECTS).

Master programmes

The Master's degree is awarded by state universities, specialized university institutions, several university colleges and some private institutions. The degree is normally obtained after two years of study (120 "studiepoeng"/ECTS), following the completion of a bachelor’s degree. An important part of this degree is independent work on the Master's thesis (earning between 30 and 60 "studiepoeng"/ECTS).

PhD programmes

The PhD program in Child and Youth Participation and Competence Development is an interdisciplinary doctoral degree program. The aim of the program is to train researchers who want to build and disseminate knowledge about the participation and competence development of children and youth as they encounter a complex society.

More information about the PhD programme, application process and courses

The PhD program in Public and Private Service Innovation (INSEPP) is located at The Center for Innovation in Services (CIS). The CIS defines innovation as either the process of introducing new ideas into practice or the transmitting of already known ideas to a new context. Innovations may be radical in the sense that they involve something completely new and entail a break with current practices, but they can also be incremental in that they involve small changes in the same established practices.

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