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Bachelor of Cultural Project Management

A growing number of cultural activities are organised as projects – festivals, exhibitions, theatre productions, concerts or net-based cultural projects. The bachelor’s degree programme gives students competence in developing, conducting and managing creative projects, which requires creativity and organisational abilities. As early as the first semester students participate in the development and implementation of practical projects that demand such abilities.

The programme provides basic skills in theoretical and practically-oriented subjects and other topics linked to management and the implementation of cultural projects. Students receive an extensive introduction to cultural communication, art philosophy, cultural sociology and festivals.

Practice placement
The bachelor’s degree thesis consists of a practice placement of at least 8 weeks’ duration in an organisation or enterprise in the field of culture, and this will form the basis of the thesis.

Study period abroad
Possible in the 5th semester in the third academic year.

The Bachelor degree qualifies you for work in the public/private Cultural Sector through your experience with managment and implementation of cultural projects.

Further education
The Bachelor degree of Cultural Project Management qualifies you for pursuing a Master's degree in e.g. Innovation and Business Development, Organization and Managment, Culture Studies.

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