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Bachelor of Marketing and Experience-based Tourism

The bachelor’s programme offers a solid education in marketing and management with a focus on planning, developing and preparing tourism events. The programme provides knowledge about the importance of the creative processes and managing an idea process up to the point of marketing the product for potential customer groups.

The programme provides basic knowledge linked to management, marketing, and travel and tourism. A core curriculum course in the first year of studies is Development of Tourist Attractions and Experiences. Marketing management is linked to creative processes with an emphasis on creative management for innovation and new thinking. Event management, entrepreneurship and corporate development have a central focus in the programme, which leads up to a bachelor’s degree thesis.

The bachelor's programme is built around the following three pilars:

  • The Experience-based society. The basis for understanding the processes of change in our society who has put the development of Experience-based tourism on the agenda.
  • Organization and management. Toolbox for development and production of experience-based products.
  • Experience-production. The work related to the concrete sculpturing of the content in the experience-based products. Working with case studies and the bachelor thesis will be the core activities.

Study period abroad
A study period abroad is recommended in the fourth semester.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Marketing and Experience-based Tourism will provide you with a solid competance base for work in the field of marketing, managment and development of tourism events.

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