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Bachelor of Pedagogics

The bachelor’s degree programme provides a basic introduction to the subject of pedagogics.

The student will acquire: insight into conditions for children’s and adolescents’ upbringing and learning, and in particular the function that teaching and education has in the development of society and culture; knowledge about children and adolescents’ learning and development – particularly in the field of organised pedagogical activities; prerequisites for and practice in presenting reasoned evaluations of teaching and educational questions; cooperative abilities and collective responsibility; and action-oriented professional involvement.

In the second year of the programme two pedagogical modules will be offered: Pedagogical Development Activities and Participation and Marginalisation (Special Pedagogics) and experience-based courses.

In the third year of the programme there are two specialisation options based on a written academic study of a stipulated length: 1) General Pedagogics (Pedagogical Development Activities and Media Pedagogics and Pedagogical Communication) or 2) Special Pedagogics (Participation and Marginalisation)

Study Abroad period

In the second year, third or forth semester.

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