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Bachelor of Psychology

Psychology relates to understanding humans and human activity. The bachelor degree programme provides general knowledge about psychology and gives subject specialisation in the core areas of psychology such as cognitive, biological, developmental, social and personality psychology in addition to a number of other applied areas.

Students who wish to become a psychologist, however, must take professional education studies at a university.

The programme provides the students with general specialist, scientific and methodical knowledge within psychology and deeper insight into parts of the psychology through the chosen field of study.

Study abroad
The students are recommended to spend a period abroad in the 5th semester.

Further education

After completing Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you can apply different candidate studies abroad to be a clinical psychologist. Only Universities in Norway offer full 6 years Professional study of clinical psychologist. You may also apply for master programs in psychology and interdisciplinary studies at other Norwegian and foreign universities and universities colleges.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lillehammer University College students can work in the professional field of psychology in many different areas of society. For those who already have a professional education (e.g. teacher, nurse or economist) it may be useful to combine this with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This can provide new and important knowledge, new perspectives and new opportunities.

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