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Bachelor of Sport

The study programme gives students extensive knowledge of sport physiology which provides a basis for understanding how physical activity and inactivity can affect the body, and how physical activity can be adapted for different user groups.

Students will acquire knowledge of planning, managing, conducting and evaluating health-promoting and preventive measures. Perspectives on physical activity and inactivity related to social science and biology will be stressed. Students will learn to measure performance capability and to explain how the body reacts to a training session as well as how age, illness and disability change physical capacity.

Study period abroad
Possible in the 5th semester in the third academic year.


The programme qualifies students for health promotion and preventive activities in the public and private sector. The skills attained will also be relevant in the school sector, sport organisations, training centres and coaching.

Bachelor adapted for elite sports athletes

The bachelor’s degree in sport is adapted for elite sports athletes so that it is possible to combine a sports career with the educational programme.

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