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Master of Health Promotion and Community Care

The master’s degree in health promotion and community care is inter-professional and multi-disciplinary. The main objective is that professionals in the health, social and educational sectors acquire broad specialised competence in the field of health promotion, care and development in the local community.

The master’s degree programme will:

  • develop in-depth competence at a high level based on inter-professional and multi-disciplinary perspectives within health promotion and care in different kinds of local communities;
  • develop action competence in mobilising resources to attain the goal of achieving an improved life situation for at-risk and vulnerable groups;
  • qualify the student to lead health promotion activities in their field of work;
  • promote the building of networks and collaboration with various professional groups;
  • qualify the student to participate in the development and renewal of the public welfare system.


The study programme focuses on knowledge about health, care and social alteration work in collaboration with vulnerable and exposed groups within the population and resource mobilisation in the local community.


  • Perspectives and theories related to health promoting work, care and development in the local community (30 ECTS)
  • Strategies and methods for resource mobilisation and development work in the local communities
  • Project, local development work in multidiciplinary student groups.
  • Focus on exposed groups within your local community or your workplace. (45 ECTS)
  • Philosophy of science and research methods. (15 ECTS) '
  • Master’s thesis (30 ECTS)

4 years part time.

ECTS credits
The full course load equals 120 ECTS.

Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Community Care is a multidisciplinary and multiscientific master program qualifies to work in health promoting professional care in the local community and social alteration work and development within health- and social services and other social welfare services.

The study programme gives competence in user oriented development work and action oriented research methods.

Collaborative effort
The programme is a collaborative effort between Gjøvik, Lillehammer, Hedmark and Østfold University Colleges. Admission is administered by Gjøvik University College. Information about programme and admission

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