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Bachelor of Social Education

The aim of the programme is to train social educators who will focus on the wishes, needs, resources and development potential of the people they meet. The programme enables students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that provide a platform for providing excellent service to people with different functional disabilities.

Study period abroad
Possible in the work placement period in the third academic year.

Further education
Social educators may add to their education by taking different Master’s degree programmes at Lillehammer University College and other universities and university colleges in Norway and abroad.

A social educator is qualified to carry out milieu therapy, rehabilitation and community work related to people with different functional disabilities and support needs. With a bachelor’s degree in social education, students are authorised to work as health personnel.

The social educator is generally employed in the municipal and state sector health and social services. Social educators work in the user’s home, at an institution and in recreational arenas. Another potential field of work is in education. The bachelor’s degree in social education can lead to authorisation as a social educator on application.

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