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Master of Welfare Management

The master programme will provide competence in the organisation and adaptation of services in the health and social sector as well as in employment and welfare management in order to achieve key objectives and improved adaptation to users’ needs and wishes.

This requires knowledge of how welfare is managed in a situation characterised by reorganisation, changed working methods and increased user participation.

Main focus
Key topics are the organisation of the health and social services, how reorganisation and change activities are taking place in the public sector and how players at different levels interact in order to solve welfare tasks. Cooperation between public enterprises and various types of private and voluntary providers plays a central role.

Organisation and restructuring in the health and social sector
The programme will provide insight into a variety of models for organisation and restructuring in the health and social sector, with a special focus on their importance for service users.

Master thesis
The master thesis has a work load of 45 ECTS credits that equals one year of full time study. The entire Master programme has a workload of 120 ECTS and a duration of two years.

Students will develop the methodological and theoretical skills needed to identify, read, analyze, and discuss primary and secondary sources within the social sciences, with special emphasis on Welfare Management.

In addition to specialized competence within their field, the students will also develop more broadly recognized skills, such as how to formulate academic research question, find relevant material for a research project, to critically relate to and analyse sources, to process substantial quantities of information through scientific methods and to present their findings and engage in dialogue with others about them.

Part time/full time
The master’s programme in Welfare Management can be completed as a two years full time study or as a four year part time study.

The programme gives the student the necessary skills for working as a manager or adviser in the field of development or reporting activities, project work or planning in the health and social sector, or employment and welfare management locally, regionally or at a central level.

Contact information:

Study Leader: Associate professor Jan Andersen

Telefon: 612 88 102

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