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PhD-programme INSEPP

The PhD programme ‘Innovation in services’(INSEPP) focuses on innovation and innovation processes as well as the effects of innovation in service production in the public and private sectors. The full title is thus ‘Innovation in services – in the private and public sectors’ (INSEPP). The PhD programme includes knowledge and research on the characteristics of service innovation, the issues of typology and the measurement of service innovations, framework conditions, drivers and barriers of innovation, innovation processes, and the societal, organizational, and individual effects of innovations.

The CIS focuses on three main areas:

  • Innovation processes in the private service industries
  • Public innovation systems
  • Welfare innovation

PhD-programme INSEPP (PDF)

The Director of the PhD programme is:

  • Professor Martin Rønningen

In addition the leadership is constituted by:

  • Professor Rolf Rønning
  • Professor Gudbrand Lien
  • Associate professor Ulla Higdem
  • Associate professor Ingrid Guldvik
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