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Research group Public Innovation Systems

The concept of innovation system is a useful concept for unravelling how wealth creation takes place in municipal services and what the role of government is in these structures. We use innovation systems as concept to analyse municipal service development, and investigate innovation as arrangements between many types of actors and activities.

Keywords for the topics of research are: Municipal (and regional) innovation systems, governance, democracy and innovation, meta-governance, innovation policy, processes and practices of innovation and diffusion of innovation in the public sector, innovation networks, social innovation, reforms and innovation, translation and innovation (topdown­ – bottomup, etc), results (output) of public innovation for citizens and users, regional and local capacity and capability for innovation and social capital.

Participants (alphabetically):

Halvard Mikael Aase
Helge Restad
Jon Helge Lesjø
Lars Fuglsang
Noralv Veggeland
Steven Connolley
Stine Lien Nasir
Tor Helge Pedersen
Ulla Higdem

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