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Innovation processes in organisations

Course content

The course highlights the importance of learning and knowledge for organisations’ ability to innovate, in particular focusing on the organisations’ internal innovation processes. Furthermore, the course emphasizes processes in both private and public sector, the interaction between different levels of an organisation and between employees and management.  The course includes different perspectives on processes, both a strategic and linear perspective as well as innovation viewed as a result of emerging processes; e.g. practice-based innovation processes. The course deals with issues and topics like employee-driven innovation and user-driven innovation. The course is based on the course labelled; “Perspectives on innovation”.

Learning outcomes


  • Know different perspectives on innovation processes, including central theoretical perspectives, methodological aspects and empirical results.
  • Be able to discuss how different process perspectives influence the identification and analyze of innovation activities within organisations.


  • Can master process perspective as analytic tools in empirical studies of innovation.
  • Can identify, and analyze theories of innovation processes to develop and structure research questions.
  • Can apply theories in practice and be able to facilitate innovation processes in organisations.


  • Can take the initiative to communicate with different groups (practice and professionals) on the subjects, theoretical problems, analyzing and assessments on innovation and innovation processes.

Teaching methods

Lectures and seminars

Coursework requirements


Final examination

Two day home examination

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