Master's thesis

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The master's thesis consist of 30 credits and corresponds to one semester's full time workload. Work on the thesis thus constitutes the largest topic in the study programme and will give students the opportunity to express themselves in creative and problem-solving orientation, based on scientific thinking and systematic procedures. The thesis is an extensive work where a problem is presented and discussed scientifically. Thematically, the thesis lies within the field of what the study programme entails.

Learning outcomes:


  • Students can learn a specific research area as it appears in the current research literature.
  •  Students may reveal limitations and possibilities when it comes to illuminate a subject area research and how their research contributions related to updated knowledge for the area of research.


  • The student is familiar with the value of long-term, thorough and accurate processing of theory, sources and data. Therefore, in this way be able to demonstrate the importance of consistent reasoning, weighing views and implications in an ethical and research perspective.


  • Act as an advisor in start-ups of innovative projects.

Teaching methods and examination

There will be seminars where discussion related to principles relating to the choice thesis format, choice of topic, choice of theory and theory use and conditions relating to the practical implementation for writing the thesis.

The thesis must meet common standards of quality in terms of scientific publications. It must possess a specified issue, deep theoretical approach, thorough justification for the choice of method and systematic argumentation.

The thesis is normally written in pairs. Only occasionally, a student writes their thesis alone.

The master's thesis is approximately 20.000 words. If you want other formats on the thesis shall be agreed with the program coordinator. The Master's thesis can be written in Norwegian or English.

There will be an '80 % seminar' six week prior to the deadline for handing in the master's thesis. The thesis will be assessed by a committee consisting of an external and internal academic examiner. 


The master's thesis is the final topic within the Master of Innovation. This means that all other subjects in the master programme must be successfully completed before the student can deliver their thesis.

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