Research Design

Course content

The course Research Design is a compulsory subject for all master students who attend the Master of Innovation. The course is intended to give students experience of immersing themselves in one chosen topic. The course is considered as a pilot project for the master thesis. The course shall conduct a literature review to expose specific areas more research is needed on (knowledge gap). The main objective of the course is thus to arrive at a specific issue. The problem to be addressed will mainly be theory-driven - that is, it should come as a result of the literature review. In the report for the course it must be stated empirical context, scientific technique(s) and methods which seems to be best suited to solve the proposed problem.

Learning outcomes


  • Define concepts that are central to the theme the student have chosen to specialize.
  • Can make a literature review.
  • Student can identify, analyze, evaluate and propose topics and thus an problem formulation that may be subject to further research.
  • Student can evaluate the quality and relevance of scientific work within a certain topic area.

Teaching methods

Emphasis on the subject up to that learning will take place through self-initiated activities and individual study. Students thus controls the progress and the process leading to the submission date.

Coursework requirements

Mandatory tests and / or project work that must be graded as “passed” to gain admittance to the final exam. The detailed requirements about form, number and size of tests / project works are communicated at course start-up.

Final examination

Home examination in the form of a final report.

The report can be written together with a fellow student, and therefore the report can be a work of up to two students.

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