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Lillehammer and Norway

Lillehammer is situated in the picturesque region at the northern end of Lake Mjøsa. The town is famous for its winter sports, recreation facilities and cultural events.

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With a town status from 1827 Lillehammer has a long commercial and industrial history. Today it is the administrative centre for the County of Oppland with a population of about 27 000 and the city is a centre for trade, industry, health services and higher education in the region north of Lake Mjøsa.


Lillehammer is also an olympic town as the host for the 1994 Winter Olympics. The olympic games provided the region with unique winter sports facilities and arenas such as: Håkonshall indoor sports arena, Lysgaardsbakken ski-jumping arena, Birkebeineren ski-stadium for cross country skiing, Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena, Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track and the world famous downhill ski arenas, Hafjell and Kvitfjell.

More information about the city of Lillehammer and the region

Generally Lillehammer has much to offer in the way of national museums and festivals:

  • Maihaugen The Sandvig Collection
    One of the largest museums in Norway, with close to 200 buildings including residences of Nobel Prize laureates in Literature: Sigrid Undset at Bjerkebæk and Bjørnstierne Bjørnson at Aulestad
  • The Norwegian Olympic Museum
    Norwegian Olympic Museum is the only museum in Northern Europe presenting the entire history of the Olympic Games, from their origin in ancient Greece in the year 776 BC up to the present day.
  • Lillehammer Art Museum
    A permanent collection comprises Norwegian visual art from the 1830s up until today. The museum also features contemporary exhibitions of Norwegian and international art on a regular basis.
  • The Norwegian Festval of Literature
    The largest literature festival in northern Europe. In the past few years the festival has had an increasingly international profile with a particular focus on literature from the Nordic countries.Takes place every year in May/june.
  • The Jazz Festival Dølajazz
    Takes place every year in October
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