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You must have your University College ID Card with you whenever you want to borrow books or other library material. Use the Self Service machine, located next to the entrance.
Alternatively you can borrow at the Service Counter.

Lending period
Set reading books have a loan time of 14 days, other books 28 days. Movies (marked with yellow) are on loan for 1 day. Journals and books on the "pensum" shelves and in the reference collection are not on loan but may be used in the library and reading room.
Copy machines are available in the library if you need to take copies. To use the copiers you can buy payment cards at Sopp Print.

Documents borrowed from other libraries may have other terms.

Inter-Library Loans (ILL)

You can also do this for books and articles that LUC does not have, and that you would like us to order for you.
Inter-Library Loans is a system which allows you to obtain books and articles from journals that are not held here at Lillehammer.

In Oria select the search tab "All libraries" to search the print and electronic collections of more than 100 Norwegian academic and research libraries. 

You will be notified either by SMS or email when your document has arrived.
The lending period for books is normally 4 weeks.

Overdue notice

If you do not renew or return the loan when the loan period has expired you will get reminders from the library.
1st and 2nd reminders are sent by e-mail.
Other reminders per. letter.
Borrowers who have not returned books after three reminders will be refused further use of the library until the document is either returned or compensated for.
Borrowers are personally responsible for material on loan in their name and you must replace lost or damaged documents.

Returning books

You can return books to the Service Counter or there is a book box outside the entrance to the Library that you can use to return books when the Library is closed and at weekends.

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