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Partner institutions

Gamlebygget (foto: internasjonalt kontor)
In the table below you will find LUC's international partners, listed alphabetically by country.

Explanation of table content and abbreviations:

Study abroad versus Exchange: A Study abroad agreement does not give the students exemption from tuition fees at the host institution, in contrast to an exchange agreement.

Bilateral agreement: General term for international cooperation between two institutions (of higher education). Most bilateral agreement found below include student exchange.

Erasmus+ agreement: The Erasmus+ exchange programme has standardized agreements designed to promote the mobility and exchange of teaching staff and students from institutions of higher learning within the European Union (EU) and in the European Economic Area (EEA). More information about Erasmus+.

Nordplus: Is the Nordic Council's programme to advance interrelationship between universities and institutions of higher education in the Nordic countries (the Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). More information about Nordplus.

APS: Faculty of Education and Social Work

ASV: Faculty of Social Sciences

ØKORG: Faculty of Economics and Organizational Sciences

TVF: Faculty of Television Production


Australia Bond University Study Abroad APS, ASV, ØKORG
  University of Wollongong Study Abroad APS, ASV, TVF, ØKORG
Belgium Universiteit Antwerpen Erasmus+ ASV
  KU Leuven Erasmus+ ASV
Canada University of Northern British Columbia Bilateral ASV, TVF, ØKORG, APS
  University of Ontario Institute of Technology Bilateral APS, ASV
  North Island College Bilateral ØKORG
Chile Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso Bilateral ASV
Czech Republic Masaryk University Erasmus+ APS, ASV, ØKORG
  University of Pardubice Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
  Tomas Bata University Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
  University of Hradec Kralove Erasmus+ APS
Denmark Syddansk Universitet Erasmus+ ASV, TVF
  Aarhus University Bilateral BUK
  University College Capital, Klintegården Bilateral/ Nordplus APS
  University College Syddanmark Erasmus+ APS
  University of Copenhagen Erasmus+ APS
Finland Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ APS
  Metropolia University of Applied Science Erasmus+ TVF
  Arcada University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ TVF, ASV
  Savonia University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) Erasmus+ ØKORG
France ESC Troyes Erasmus+ ØKORG
  IPAC, Annecy Erasmus+ ØKORG, APS
  Polé Universitaire de Leonard De Vinci Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Ecole de Managment de Normandie/Normandy Business School Erasmus+ ØKORG
  University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne Erasmus+ ASV
  Universite de Bordeaux Erasmus+ ØKORG
Germany Fachhochschule Schmalkalden Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Hochschule Harz Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Universität Paderborn Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
  Catholic University of Eichstätt - Ingolstadt Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Hochschule Darmstadt Erasmus+ APS
  Karlshochschule International University Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences, Berlin Erasmus+ APS
  EBC Hochschule, Berlin Erasmus+ ØKORG
  The University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen Erasmus+ ØKORG, APS
  Cologne Business School Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Hochschule Rhein-Waal Erasmus+ ØKORG, ASV, APS
  Hochschule Fresenius Erasmus+ ØKORG, ASV, APS
  University of Mainz Erasmus+ ASV
Great Britain Goldsmiths College Study Abroad TVF, ASV, APS
  University of Stirling Study Abroad TVF, ASV, APS, ØKORG
  Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Study Abroad TVF, ASV
  Newcastle University Bilateral/Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
  University of Plymouth Erasmus+ APS
  University of Greenwich Erasmus+ ASV
Hungary University of Szeged Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
Italia University of Bologna Erasmus+ OSV, ØKORG
Japan Ritsumeikan University Bilateral ØKORG
  Meiji University Bilateral All
Korea Kongju National University Bilateral TVF, ASV, APS, ØKORG
  Dankook University Bilateral All
  Pusan National University Bilateral All
Kosovo University of Prishtina Bilateral ØKORG
Latvia Vidzemes Augstskola Erasmus+ ØKORG
  University of Latvia Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy Erasmus+ APS
Lithuania Vytautas Magnus University Erasmus+ ASV
Morocco University of Cadi Ayyad Quota Scheme APS
Mexico Universidad de Monterrey Bilateral All
Netherlands Fontys University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
  Inholland University Erasmus+ ASV, TVF, ØKORG
  Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden Erasmus+ ASV, TVF, ØKORG
  Hanzehogeschool Groningen Erasmus+ ASV
  Leiden University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ ØKORG
  HZ University of Applied Studies Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
New Zealand University of Otago Study Abroad ASV, TVF, ØKORG
Palestine Yafa Cultural Center (YCC) Bilateral APS
Peru Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola Bilateral ASV, ØKORG
Poland Szczecin University Erasmus+ APS
  University of Lodz Erasmus+ ØKORG
  Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz Erasmus+ ØKORG, ASV
  The Graduate School for Social Research Erasmus+ APS
  University of Wroclaw Erasmus+ ASV, ØKORG
Romania Babes-Bolyai University Erasmus+ ØKORG
Russia Northern (Arctic) Federal University Bilateral ASV
Slovakia Matej Bel University Erasmus+ APS
Slovenia University of Ljubljana Erasmus+ ØKORG
  University of Primorska Erasmus+ ØKORG
South Africa Stellenbosch University Study Abroad All
Spain University of Barcelona Erasmus+ ØKORG, ASV
  Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastian Erasmus+ ØKORG
  University of Alcala Erasmus+ ASV, TVF
  Mondragon Unibertsitatea Erasmus+ APS
  Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Erasmus+ APS
Sweden Dalarna University Erasmus+ ASV
  Lund University Erasmus+ ASV
  Karlstad University Erasmus+ ASV
  The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences Erasmus+ ASV
Switzerland Hochschule Luzern Bilateral ØKORG
  Bern University of Applied Sciences Bilateral ØKORG
Taiwan Providence University Bilateral All
USA Hawaii Pacific University Study Abroad ASV, TVF, ØKORG
  Concordia College Bilateral ASV, TVF
  Presbyterian College Bilateral/Study Abroad ASV, TVF, ØKORG, APS
  University of Mississippi Bilateral/Study Abroad All
  California State University San Marcos Bilateral/Study Abroad All
  University of Colorado Bilateral/Study Abroad ØKORG
Vietnam Vietnam National University Bilateral ASV, APS
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