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Anne Jørgensen Nordli

Tittel: Stipendiat reiseliv
E-post: anne.nordliSPAMFILTER@hil.no
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Anne Jørgensen Nordli (Foto: Gro vasbotten/HiL)



Innovation in Norwegian tourism.

The PhD-project focuses on measurement of innovation in tourism and drivers of innovation in tourism. The first part deals with unexpected results in the two national innovation surveys conducted in the Norwegian tourism industry. The second part examines tourism managers' understandings of the CIS measurement scale and whether the CIS scale catches innovation activities on all levels of the company. To address these questions a comparative case study will be conducted. The results of the study are aimed to give a better understanding of the quantitative data available from CIS and a better basis for analyzing the data and to improve the measurement of innovation in the tourism industry. The third part concerns drivers of innovation in tourism. Based on the literature that deals with external and firm internal driving forces of innovation a set of hypotheses will be identified and tested. This part of the PhD project focuses on the internal driving forces of innovation, and especially those regarding employee driven innovation. 


Martin Rønningen and Christer Thrane, Lillehammer university college

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