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Christina Strandholt Andersen

Tittel: Stipendiat/PhD candidate
E-post: christina.andersenSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Profil i databasen Cristin
Christina Strandholt Andersen (Foto: Gro Vasbotten/HiL)

PhD project: Empowerment for children?

Purpose: The aim of the project is to explore the perspectives and lived experiences of children with a disability concerning influence on their own daily lives.

Background: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) article 12 is the foundation from which the project is developed. That is, every child has a right to be heard regarding all aspects in their own life. When studying research, however, children with a disability have a lack of experience being involved in decisions regarding their own lives and are less often asked than children without a disability. In addition, existing research and literature regarding children’s rights to be heard, as stated in article 12, is primarily directed towards adults surrounding the child, and therefore the child is dependent on the adults to act upon these recommendations and guiding principles. Thus, children with a disability and their perspectives on the UNCRC article 12 are largely unexplored and will be the focus in this project. Therefore, this project will employ an empowerment approach by having children with a disability participating in group sessions to discuss article 12 in relation to their everyday lives. In addition, the participating children will function as co-researchers in the project.  

Methodology: Based on a phenomenological hermeneutic scientific approach the project will to try to explore and capture the children’s perspectives and experiences by using individual interviews combined with participatory methods and focus group interviews. The participatory methods range from the use of participatory techniques, such as activities and games during group sessions, to that of children being co-researchers.

PhD institution: The Research Centre for Child and Youth Competence Development, Faculty of Education and Social Work, Lillehammer University College

Main supervisor: Anne-Stine Dolva, Associate Professor at Lillehammer University College

Co-supervisor: Ole Petter Askheim, Professor at Lillehammer University College

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