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Nanna Engebretsen

Tittel: Stipendiat TV-vitenskap
E-post: nanna.engebretsenSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Telefon: + 47 61 28 83 34
Profil i databasen Cristin
Nanna Engebretsen

Fagområde: TV-vitenskap, utviklingskommunikasjon, mediepedagogikk     

Arbeidstittel avhandling: TV-programmes that make the difference. Documentary production and capacity building within the context of Communication for Development.     

Gradsgivende institusjon: Universitet i Karlstad (Vis Med). Finansiert av KD. 

Oppstart: 1. april 2009   

Hovedveileder og biveileder: Roel Puijk, Yngve Nordkvelle og Thomas Tufte   

Nanna Engebretsen (1969) is a PhD candidate with a research project called “TV-programmes that make the difference. Documentary production and capacity building within the context of Communication for Development”.

The study is based on the UNESCO project “UNESCOs network of Young TV producers on HIV and AIDS”. The project, established in 2002, supports capacity building of young TV professionals in developing countries for accurate, credible and sensitive reporting on HIV and AIDS. I am collecting my empirical material mainly through qualitative interviews and participatory observation, while attending workshops that UNESCO is arranging in developing countries worldwide.


My research interests are tightly connected to my current PhD project: documentary production on HIV/AIDS, capacity building, communication for development and social change. My master thesis also allowed me to deepen into areas like new media, the digitalisation process and working conditions during the TV production process, studying a public service broadcaster from the inside.


As a part of the PhD, I am teaching Film and Television Studies, mainly in television related subjects.

Educational background

BA in documentary directing (Lillehammer University College), Media Studies (Oslo University), Journalism (Oslo University College) and MA in Film and Television Studies (Lillehammer University College), in addition to in-house TV-training during 13 years at the Finnish Broadcasting Company.


Engebretsen, Nanna; Madhu, K. P.; Malan, Mia; Hashmi, Moneeza; Sharma, Prerna; Etzenhouser, Shane (2009): Getting the story and telling it right. HIV on TV: A handbook for television producers and trainers. Paris: UNESCO

Engebretsen, Nanna (ed.) (2008): UNESCOs Network of Young TV Producers on HIV and AIDS. Paris: UNESCO.

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