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Ragnhild Holmen Bjørnsen

Tittel: Stipendiat
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Telefon: +47 936 12 009
Profil i databasen Cristin
Ragnhild Holmen Bjørnsen (Foto: Gro Vasbotten/HiL)

Tilknyttet Ph.d.-studiet Barn og unges deltakelse og kompetanseutvikling.

PhD-project: «Growing Up in a Life of Global High-Mobility - Narratives from Childhood within The Norwegian Foreign Service»

One consequence of globalisation is work-related high mobility, resulting in a growing number of children moving across countries several times during their childhood. This is a type of modern, global childhood that often goes under the term “Third Culture Kids”, especially within expatriate communities. Research over the last 20 years has shown that issues of identity, relationship patterns, and sense of belonging can be significant challenges during a Third Culture Kid’s childhood as well as later in life. However, the knowledge we have of how this type of childhood is experienced, along with its potential later consequences, is still limited.

A closer look into the lives of families who have moved across countries for generations due to the parents’ careers may shed new light on what characterizes and influences this type of childhood, knowledge that could prove useful for research on the growing number of Third Culture Kids. This PhD project is an in-depth, narrative study of childhood within The Norwegian Foreign Service. With the assistance of The Norwegian Foreign Service and The Norwegian Foreign Service Pensioners’ Association, 55 autobiographical life stories have been collected, wherein adults across three generations describe and reflect on their childhood as Norwegian diplomat kids.    The following website was used to gather these narratives (in Norwegian): http://www.globaloppvekst.com/

The study takes an anthropological approach to understanding cultural psychological dynamics within families and social environments. 

Research interests: Psychological anthropology, globalization, childhood migration, expatriate communities, psychosocial health and well-being.

Main supervisor: Professor Dag Leonardsen, Department of Education and Social Work, Lillehammer University College

Co-supervisor: Ph. D. Frank Jarle Bruun, The Centre for Child and Youth Participation and Competence Development, Department of Education and Social Work, Lillehammer University College

Education: MA in Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo and Humboldt University, Berlin.
BA in Political Science; Social Anthropology; and Middle East and North Africa Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo

Work experience: Before joining The Research Centre for Child and Youth Competence Development, Ragnhild worked as a research assistant and organized seminars in Berlin for academics and social workers on the topic of refugee and minority youth. She has also worked as a social worker in asylum centers and with unaccompanied minor refugees in Oslo.

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