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Time and place

Time: Thursday May 4th, 1215-1430
Place: Auditorium H, Storhove, Lillehammer

Karen Parish with 80 percent-seminar at BUK

Portrett Karen Parish (foto: Gro Vasbotten)

Karen Parish will present her Ph.D.-project "An embedded human rights logic? A comparative study of International Baccalaureate schools in different contexts" May 4th.

- My research takes neo-institutional theorizing about globalisation and education as a starting point with which to explore human rights competence development in International Baccalaureate Organisation  (IBO) schools, Parish says.

I borrow from institutional logics, a branch of  institutional theory that focuses on how belief systems shape and are shaped by individuals and organisations (Powell & Bromley, 2013; Thornton & Ocasio, 2013).

The overarching aim of the project seeks to investigate how the global logic of human rights, as incorporated by the IBO into its’ policies and practices, is experienced and adhered to by students who are following the IB diploma (IBDP) in different school contexts in Norway and Poland.

Opponent is Audrey Osler (HSN/University of Leeds). The seminar will be in English.

Sist oppdatert: Sigrun Dancke Skaare 21.04.2017

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