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Micheline Egge Grung

Tittel: Høgskolelektor internasjonale studier
E-post: micheline.grungSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Telefon: + 47 61 28 83 53
Profil i databasen Cristin

Education: MPhil Political Science, University of Oslo

Previous positions:
Head of secretariat, The Norwegian National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (2001-2004)
Adviser, Lillehammer University College (2007-2009)
Head of Studies, International Studies and History, Lillehammer University College (2010-2013)

Research Interests: The laws and ethics of war and peace, The role of international law in international relations, Disarmament

Ongoing projects: Human rights obligations, enforcement and compliance. The Human Rights Council’s practice and legitimacy.

BA International Relations
Ph.D Research Ethics (2001-2003)

Positions held:
Member, council of advisors, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (2010-2013)
Member, council of advisors, Res Publica think tank (2010-2014)


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