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Stine Vik

Tittel: Førsteamanuensis
E-post: stine.vikSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Telefon: +47 61 28 80 33
Profil i databasen Cristin
Portrett Stine Vik (foto: Lars Teppan Johansen)

Stine Vik disputerte høsten 2015 for graden PhD. 

PhD- project: Early intervention in education

The Norwegian Government presented Early Interventionas a core strategy, in white paper no. 16 (2006-2007), in order to face two of the main challenges in the Norwegian educational system:

Increase the learning achievement and competence development for all children from kindergarten throughout compulsory school.

Contribute to social equalization. Inclusive education is a core objective of the Norwegian educational system. The early intervention principle is an implicit carrier of an individual, pathologically-oriented approach, based on a narrow normality perspective. This makes for a difficult tension between early intervention and the objective of inclusive education for all children in Norwegian schools. Early intervention must be carried out within an acceptable ethical framework according to the Norwegian goal of inclusive education. The purpose of the PhD-project is to contribute to a framework in which early intervention can be understood according to these objectives.

Research interests:  early intervention, inclusive education, philosophy of education

PhD institution: Research Centre for Child and Youth Competence Development, Lillehammer University College

Supervisor: Associate Professor Rune Sarromaa Hausstätter, Lillehammer University College

Education: MA Adaptive Education, Hedmark University College.

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