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Aase Schibsted Knudsen

Tittel: Dosent
E-post: aase.knudsenSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Telefon: + 47 61 28 81 33
Profil i databasen Cristin
Aase S. Knudsen

Aase S. Knudsens hjemmeside (Linkedin)
Aase S. Knudsens hjemmeside (Tide)

Dr. Techn. Aase S. Knudsen is professor at the Faculty of Television Production and Film studies, Lillehammer University College.

She has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Technology in the subject area of Media Technology and Graphic Arts at the Department of Numerical Analysis and Graphic Arts (NADA), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

Her main research interests are presence production, experimental distributed performance spaces and digital networking production systems (DNPS) for the media industry. She also pay interest to knowledge management and videomediated teaching and learning.

She graduated from the Television Director education program at Lillehammer University College 1989 and BSc, Electronic Engineering program at Gjøvik College 1979. She has many years of experience from the broadcast industry working in radio and television productions.

From 1992 she has educated engineers for the broadcasting and graphic arts industry at IMT, Gjøvik University College and from 2007 she has continued educating directors and program engineers at Lillehammer University College.

She is a member of the PhD development program called Visual Media and she is directing the Presence research group.

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