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Carl Lebeck

Tittel: Førsteamanuensis
E-post: carl.lebeckSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Profil i databasen Cristin

Utdanning: LL.M. Harvard Law School (2007), M.Jur. University of Oxford (2006), Jur.kand. Stockholms Universitet (2005).

Tidligere ansettelser:
P.t. lecturer in law, Stockholm University, 2012-2014
Visiting researcher, Harvard Law School 2012
Research fellow (doctoral studies), Stockholm University 2008-2012
Senior research fellow, Swiss National Science Foundation/University of Berne, 2007-2008

Forskningsfelt: European law (including EU-law, EEA-law, ECHR), EU Constitutional law, Human rights law (specialization in fundamental rights in EU law), Comparative constitutional law, International human rights law, Administrative law, Legal theory

Forskningsprofil: My research is focused on European law and comparative public law with a special emphasis on relations between national and inter- and supranational law. My research in European law has a strong focus on the role of human rights in EU-law.

Pågående prosjekter /nylig avsluttede prosjekter:
Revised edition of my, Commentary on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (in Swedish), ongoing project, expected by the end of 2015, update of work published in 2013, app. 900 pages (sole author).
The scope of application of EU-law in national law: application, effects and powers (in Swedish), expected by the end of 2015. Monographic study under contract with Liber Förlag AB.
International delegation and national constitutionalism: a comparative study (in Swedish), doctoral thesis.
Various articles in the field of EU/EEA-law, focusing on developments of human rights protection.

Eugen Schaumans Fond 2011
Torsten & Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelser 2008-2012

Undervisning: BA in law (Administrative law, comparative law)

Visiting researcher, Harvard Law School, 2012
Academy of European Law, EUI, Florence, 2011


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