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Hege Merete Somby

Tittel: Stipendiat
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Hege Merete Somby (Foto: Gro Vasbotten/HiL)

Hege. M. Somby er tilknyttet PhD-området Barns og unges kompetanseutvikling (BUK).

PhD project: Entrepreneurship in education with a focus on children with special needs in an inclusive school
The increasing need for special education in Norwegian primary and lower-secondary schools stands in stark contrast to the political goal of an inclusive school for all. Pupils unable to utilize the ordinary teaching are lawfully entitled to special training, but the demand for this kind of teaching is not based solely on the individual prerequisite needs of the pupils. A timely question is whether ordinary education is capable of fulfilling the role originally assigned to it when school policies prompt new priority areas schools are to focus on. One example of a task assigned to the schools, is the implementation of entrepreneurship in education. This dissertation asks whether schools are able to carry out the priority of entrepreneurship in education and at the same time fulfill the goal of an inclusive school.
The project has an explorative design, using both surveys and observations. The data-material builds on a survey of almost 1900 pupils and observations of entrepreneurship projects in three schools. The dissertation contributes to research on child and youth participation and competence development by examining the development of pupils’ needs for special education as a possible result of politically-initiated programs.    

Research interests: Inclusive schools, education, inclusion of children with special educational needs in ordinary schools, entrepreneurship education

PhD institution: Research Centre for Child and Youth Competence Development, Lillehammer University College

Advisor: Associate Professor Rune Sarromaa Hausstätter, Lillehammer University College
Co-advisor:  Research Professor ,Vegard Johansen , Eastern Norway Research Institute and the Norwegian University of Technology and Science


  • M.A. degree, Adapted Education, Hedmark University College, 2009
  • Teacher Education, Hedmark University College,  2008

Work experience: Subject and class teacher in lower secondary school

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