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Kai Hanno Schwind

Tittel: Stipendiat TV- og medievitenskap humor
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Telefon: + 47 61 28 83 34

Kai Hanno Schwind

Fagområde: TV- og medievitenskap, humorforskning    

Arbeidstittel avhandling: The Office sitcom - a case study in transnational format adaptation    

Gradsgivende institusjon: Universitetet i Oslo (Vis Med). Finansiert av KD.   

Oppstart: 1. januar 2011

Hovedveileder og biveileder: Birgit Hertzberg-Kaare og Eva Bakøy

Project: Kai Schwind analyzes the TV Comedy format The Office (BBC) and two transnational adaptations (The Office – An American Workplace, NBC, and Stromberg, Pro7, Germany). Structural, aesthetic and hermeneutic differences are compared. Given the different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds of all versions, the importance of various aspects of “national humours” is considered as well. In addition, the reception of the formats in the various countries is included in this study, focussing not only on critical evaluation, but also interpreting surveys of the designated target groups.

The project understands itself as a case study juxtaposing the regulations and dynamics of various national TV markets and its production methods. The frame work of the research therefore equally consists of a text based theoretical analysis as well as an evaluation of interviews with editors, producers and authors from the realms of TV comedy production.

This project looks at the mechanisms of the adaptation of TV comedy formats, thereby distilling a set of prerequisites that might be useful, not only for the critical evaluation and analysis, but also for the production and design of such formats in the future.

Duration: January 2011- January 2014

Background: Kai has been working as a journalist (radio/print) in his native Germany with a focus on film reviews and travel. In addition he has worked as a writer, director and producer for radio comedy and has been involved in radio play and audio book productions for various labels and production companies.

Education: MA in Film- and Media Studies and English with Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia.

Institution: University in Oslo. Kai Schwind is assigned to the PhD programme of the Department of Media and Communication at the Faculty of Humanities, UiO.

Supervisors: Prof Birgit Hertzberg-Kaare (Hovedveileder, Institutt for medier kommunikasjon, UiO) and Prof Eva Bakøy (Biveileder, Avdeling for TV-utdanning og filmvitenskap, HiL)

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