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Mari Rysst

Tittel: Førsteamanuensis / Leder BUK
E-post: mari.rysstSPAMFILTER@hil.no
Telefon: + 47 61 28 80 65
Profil i databasen Cristin
Mari Rysst (Foto: Gro Vasbotten/HiL)

Mari Rysst holds two MA’s, one in political science (1988) and the other in social anthropology (2000). She also holds a PhD in social anthropology (2008), all done at The University of Oslo. She worked as research assistant and PhD student at the University of Oslo (2001-2008), in combination with a research position at National Institute for Consumer research in Oslo (SIFO). From 2012-2015 she had a position as research leader and senior researcher at SIFO.

Rysst works as assistant professor on the master program related to children and youth, and directs the PhD program Children and Youth Participation and Competence development (BUK) at Lillehammer University College. Rysst has experience in many research fields related to children and youth, reflected in many of her publications.

She has participated in many research projects, the most important are:

  1. Viability and consumption in the Nordic welfare states (Udsathed og Forbrug i de nordiske velfærdsstater) (2002-2005).
  2. “I want to be me. I want to be kul”. An analysis of Norwegian preteen girls in the light of a presumed “disappearance” of childhood. PhD project.
  3. Beauty comes from within: looking good as a challenge in health promotion (2007-2010).
  4. Aesthetic Ideals and Big bodies in Norway and Russia (work seminar project autumn 2009).
  5. Inclusion and language competence: an evaluation of language courses for immigrant women in Alna, Oslo (2008-2009).
  6. UNIFORM: work garments for women in male dominated occupations (2010-2013).
  7. The social importance of things: the relationship between consumption and inclusion among children and their families (2009-2012)
  8. Migration, Ethnicity and Consumption (Migrasjon, etnisitet og forbruk) (2009-2012.
  9. Kartlegging av reklame for Usunn mat rettet mot barn og unge (2013),
  10. Retusjert reklame og kroppspress (2013)
  11. Youth in Multicultural contexts (2013- ).

Research interests: children, youth, gender, ethnicity, race, body, consumption, migration.

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