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Olga Høegh-Guldberg

Tittel: Stipendiat reiseliv
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Olga Ponomarenko (Foto: Gro Vasbotten/HiL)



Dynamic perspective on innovative tourism networks in the context of experience economy

Cooperation of tourism firms which are in a majority small and medium companies is a widespread phenomenon in Norway and worldwide. Except informal cooperation, formal collaboration with the support of public means and advisory services as well as research institutions grows significantly. The last form of collaboration will be the main object of the study. Tourism companies in different cities and localities have different opportunities and deal with different challenges within their environments. Thus, the purpose of the research is to study why this form of cooperation between tourism firms takes place and how it changes over time. As a result, research findings will help to understand how such inter-organizational relations are to be managed in order to achieve the main objectives of cooperation.


Lars Fuglsang, professor Roskilde universitet og Dorthe Eide, førstemanuensis Universitetet i Nordland

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