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Media and Politics

Emnekode: INT2004/1

Semester: Høst
Antall studenter: 40
Kull:  2014
Emne ansvarlig: Øyvind Kalnes

Obligatorisk litteratur- Trykt (ikke kompendiuminnhold)

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Kompendium (Obligatorisk pensum)

Kompendieinnholdet finnes tilgjengelig digitalt i Fronter. Skriv ut hele eller deler av innholdet selv.

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Obligatorisk litteratur – åpne nettressurser og e-ressurser fra HINN Lillehammers databaser. Trykk på lenke for å få tilgang til litteraturen

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Media texts:

All media texts in the list will be used during classes. Each student chooses one media text from each genre, in total 5 media texts.

Genre 1: TV-series
Benioff, D., & Weiss, D. B. (2011, april 17). Game of Thrones. (Season 1). HBO.
Gansa, A., & Gordon, H. (2011). Homeland. (Season 1)
Skjoldbjærg, E. (2015). Okkupert (Season 1) (English subtitles). Nordisk film.
Genre 2: Movies
Forster, M. (2013). World War Z.
Ross, G. (2012). The Hunger Games.
Wnendt, D. (2015). Er ist wieder da. (English Subtitles)
Genre 3: Literature
McCarthy, C. (2010). The Road. Pan Macmillan.
Roth, P. (2010). The Plot Against America. Random House.
Rowling, J. K. (2001). Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Demco Media.
Genre 4: Documentaries
Aftenposten. (2014). Sweatshop. (Season 1 and 2) (English subtitles). aptv.no.
Arnestad, B. (2007). My Daughter The Terrorist. Snitt Film Productions.
Morris, E. (2003). The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara.
Genre 5: Music
Evans, S., & Waters, R. (2015). Roger Waters the Wall.
Eurovision. (2016). Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (Finale). Eurovision.tv.
Harvey, P. J. (2016). The Hope Six Demolition Project. Spotify.

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