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Theoretical approaches to practical skills transformative learning

Emnekode: SPED3003/1

Semester: Høst
Antall studenter: 15
Kull:  2016
Emne ansvarlig: Jenny Steinnes

Obligatorisk litteratur- Trykt (ikke kompendiuminnhold)

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Biesta, G. J. J.  (2013). The beautiful risk of Education. Paradigm Publisher (149 p)

Davis, L. (2013). The disability studies reader (4th edition). New York: Routledge (The student chooses ca 200 out of 550 p)

Illeris, K. (2014). Transformative learning and identity. Albingdon/Oxon: Routledge (177p)

Sennett, R (2009). The Craftsman. London: Penguin Books (The student chooses 150 out of 326 p)

Serres, M. (1997). The Troubadour of Knowledge. University of Michigan Press (166 p)

Stiegler, B. (2010). Taking Care of Youth and the Generations. Stanford: Stanford University, Chapter 1 – 5 (93 p)

150 pages chosen by the student, approved. 

Kompendium (Obligatorisk pensum)

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Biesta, G.J.J. (2016). Improving education through research? From effectiveness, causality and technology, to purpose, complexity and culture. Policy Futures in Education 14(2), 194-210. DOI: 10.1177/1478210315613900 (16 p)

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Steinnes, J. (2009). Transformative teaching: Restoring the teacher, under erasure. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 41 (2): 114-125

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